Mailbox Rental Costa Rica

The most complete Mail-Box Rental Service Package

(Mail Forwarding Address)

Anonymous Company Mailing Address

Reside in the capital of Costa Rica – San Jose.

Your executive office and company representation will be located in the city’s best neighborhood:Mailbox Rental

San Rafael de Escazu

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Phone / Fax #

Dedicated Phone/Fax Number in Costa Rica:
Automated (with your personal welcome message)
Call-Answering and Forwarding of voicemails (.wav) and faxes (.pdf) to your Email Address

Free Email-Account

We can provide you with a free email account: that can be accessed via the web or SMTP and POP3.
No need to use your private or company emails!

Free Mail Notifications

When we receive new mail for you, we immediately send you (free of charge) a notification email including the sender information.


Incoming mail for your Maildrop Rental Service is handled based on your instructions:

We will sort, bundle and pack your mail received and securely forward on to you. Be it to your home, your executive offices or another mail address of your choice. This can be daily, weekly or monthly – the choice is yours.

You can choose between regular mail (Correo de Costa Rica) and leading national and international courier services like FedEx, UPS and DHL. TopOffice charges $10 per group forwarded plus postage/shipping cost. A deposit is required to cover for postage (snail mail or courier). Uncollected mails will be disposed after 90 days.

60 Minutes Set-up Guarantee

Within 1 hour after receiving your funds, your Maildrop and Virtual Office Service account is fully operational!

All Major Credit Cards accepted (via PayPal)

All the above for only :

Mailbox Costa Rica at $499 per year

Mailbox w/o Phone: $300/year

Offer valid thru April 30, 2016

Mail-Box Rental & Re-Mailing Services

Even the smallest of business can become global in today’s economy. Every entrepreneur must expect to operate globally soon after they set up their business; for the worldwide web has made it possible for goods and services to be marketed as well as bought and sold anywhere in the world. Indeed, in this global economy a small or medium sized business has to behave as though it were a large business. If you are an entrepreneur running a start-up and you need this capability, an anonymous maildrop service may just be the thing for you.

Staying in touch with suppliers,distributors, and the other segments of your value chain is crucial if you are to remain competitive in the regional market or in a hub in which a number of global companies operate. A mail drop service can provide you with a number of things that help you meet such needs. (Continue reading …)

No Maildrop Set-up Fee - No ID required

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